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Cold Room Strip Curtain

Cold Room Strip Curtain

Coldroom Curtain, Coldroom Strip Curtain, 2mm/3mm, Stainless Steel Mounting Bracket & Bar

Generally, Cold Room Curtains are used to maintain a low temperature in the room by preventing warm air from entering. Dust, insects, and smoke are kept out of the room, which enables it to maintain its hygiene standards. What a great way to improve workplace health!

We offer transparent, UV-treated cold room curtains. Stainless steel mounting bars with matching brackets are also available. With stainless steel mounting bars, strips that are individually fastened to brackets can be hooked on the mounting bars quickly and easily. In the event that any strips are damaged, you will only need to replace the damaged strip, not the entire set.

Cold Room Strips are available in two thicknesses: 2mm (Thick) x 200mm (Width) & 3mm (Thick) x 300mm (Width).

It is possible to buy them in rolls (50m/roll) or in strips (cut according to the door size).

To enquire for a cold room curtain to be made to fit your door size, please provide us with the following information __cm (Width) x __cm (Height). Request for a quote and we will get back to you within 3 working days! Alternatively, you can text us via Whatsapp with the size of your door and the thickness of the cold room to receive a quote.