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Lift Padding

Lift Padding

Commercial Lift Padding, Cargo Lift Padding, Residential Lift Padding, Elevator Padding Protection, Freight Elevator Padding, Service Elevator Protector

Lift padding protects the elevator wall from scratches and dents. Despite the fact that lifts help transport freight up and down, deliverymen and installers may be too busy to take care of the lift. 

Additionally, not all estates are equipped with a service elevator or cargo lift. In the absence of a service elevator or cargo lift, passengers sometimes need to transport their own belongings into and out of their homes. Passenger lifts are much more expensive to repair and maintain, so high-quality padding should be used to protect them. 

Depending on your requirements, lift padding can be tailored to match lift specifications. Lift padding comes in 1" thick and varies in size depending on the lift. As an additional detail, PVC Transparent openings (0.8 mm thick) and handle covers are available for the lift padding. 

We manufacture customised lift padding protection using PVC tarpaulins in varying thicknesses and specifications. We offer you a wide variety of options at Ker Seng Heng.

In order to provide you with a quote for lift paddings for your estate, please provide us with the dimensions of the existing lift padding/size of the lift. In addition, please provide us with some photographs of the lift so that we may provide further information.

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