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PVC 210D

PVC 210D

PVC, Custom Made to order, Can Purchase Raw Rolls

Polyvinyl chloride ("vinyl") tarpaulins are of industrial grade and intended for heavy-duty applications. Grommets are often embedded along the side corners to serve as attachment points for ropes that need to be fixed or suspended.

Since PVC tarpaulin has numerous advantageous properties, it can be utilised for a variety of canvas products such as lorry canvas, canopy canvas, canvas bags, and gymnastic mats.

The thickness of PVC 210D is 0.35mm (+/- 3%). A variety of products are made from this material, including lorry side canvas, lift padding, gymnastic mats (indoors), trolley canvas, industrial canvas sheets, and many more.

Our goal at Ker Seng Heng is to understand your needs and match you with materials that are appropriate for you.

To enquire, please do not hesitate to contact us either by Email or WhatsApp. Having a picture of the finished product or a diagram with dimensions would be extremely helpful for us to be able to better understand what you have in mind!