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Sports Mattresses / Crash Mats

Sports Mattresses / Crash Mats

Sports Mattresses, Assorted Paddings, Step Foam, Box, Wedge, Crash Mats, Gymnastic Mats, Tri-fold Mats, Box-Wedge

Crash mats, or sports mattresses, ensure safety during training sessions. It is commonly used in sports such as aerial yoga, gymnastics, and high-element activities like rock climbing. With thicknesses ranging from 1" to 12", these crash mats are made to fit your activity space.

We offer a wide variety of mats, including Step Foam, Box Wedge, Crash Mats, Gymnastic Mats, Tri-fold Mats, etc. Mats made by Ker Seng Heng commonly feature a nylon PVC 420D/Nylon PVC 1000D lining. Furthermore, accessories like handles can be added to make transportation easier. For larger areas that need to be covered, we can add hook and loop fasteners to allow the mats to be joined together.

There are various shapes and sizes of these mats. To meet the demands of the end user better, all safety paddings manufactured by Ker Seng Heng are made-to-order, not stock items. At Ker Seng Heng, we are experienced in customising shapes and sizes to meet the needs of our clients.

We manufacture customised safety paddings using PVC tarpaulins in varying thicknesses and specifications. For a quote on safety padding/crash mats, please provide us with the dimensions of the existing padding / your mockup design with dimensions. Furthermore, please provide us with some photographs (if any) so that we can provide you with additional information. We can be reached by phone at 62988007, WhatsApp at 88750787, or by email at