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PE Ready-made Sheets

PE Ready-made Sheets

PE Canvas, PE Light, PE Laminated

The PE Canvas (light / laminated) is made from Polyethylene. Easy to handle, lightweight, and waterproof. This product can be used for permanent/temporary fittings to provide protection from the sun, rain, and wind. Furthermore, it is more affordable than other canvas materials. For the purpose of fixing or suspending ropes, grommets are embedded along the side corners (approximately 3ft apart). 

 The material is widely used as a temporary covering for furniture, vehicles, and other items. Aside from flooring protection, canvas sheets are also used for picnics, camping, and construction.

We offer two types of PE pre-made canvas sheets at Ker Seng Heng - PE Light (98gsm) and PE Laminated (190gsm). Scroll down to view the complete size chart. You can check the availability of the items and purchase them from our store if they are in stock.

If this is something you are interested in, please contact us for a quote. We'll get back to you with an official quote in three working days. Get in touch with us via WhatsApp or send us an email for more information.