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Gazebo Side Cover (Add Ons)

Gazebo Side Cover (Add Ons)

High Quality Gazebo, Oxford600D, Transparent, Side Cover, Accessories

The side covers are attached to the canvas top with hook and loop fasteners and provide additional shade and coverage by preventing water and shine from entering the tent. Users can easily detach and attach it, and they can set them up whenever necessary. Furthermore, side covers are commonly used for temporary changing rooms and booths at events. 

There are two types of side covers available: Oxford 600D HQG and Transparent PVC. Oxford 600D HQG is commonly used because it is the same material as canvas tops, giving the tent a neater, more organised look. Alternatively, if the user wishes to be able to see through while having the sides covered from rain, you can choose transparent material.

In cases where the covers are permanently installed and will be frequently used, users can choose to add roll-up buckles. The benefit of roll up buckles is that they make it easier for users to unbuckle the fabric whenever they need to.

Scroll down to see the side covers' photos and features. If this accessory is required, please indicate so when enquiring or filling out a request for quote.

If the side covers are used for changing rooms, please mention that in your remarks when enquiring.