PE Tarpaulin

Colour: Blue/ White
Colour: Navy Blue
Colour: White

PE Tarpaulin is lightweight, waterproof, and easy to handle. It is commonly used to make canvas sheets used to protect furniture, goods and raw materials from the sun, rain, and wind. Grommets are embedded along the side corners (approximately 3ft apart) to serve as attachment points for ropes. In the course of renovations, this material is commonly used as temporary coverings for furniture, vehicles, and floors.

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At Ker Seng Heng, we offer ready made PE canvas sheets in two different weights (180gsm and 330gsm) and various sizes. Find out more by clicking here!

In the event that the available sizes/products do not meet your requirements, you may also provide a drawing for a quote.

The different specifications of the material lead to different applications. At Ker Seng Heng, we take time to understand your needs and match you with appropriate materials.

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PE Tarpaulin

Roll Size : 1.83m x 70m / 1.83m x 100m


  • Blue/ White Strips
  • White (Solid Colour)
  • Navy Blue (Solid Colour)


  • Temporary Covering for Furniture/ Vehicles/ Goods etc
  • Floor Lining during Renovation / Painting
  • Covering Gardening
  • Industrial Purposes
  • Machinery / Forklift Covers

Blue-White Strips

Navy Blue


These are some of the products we make: