Mattresses / Gymnastic Mats / Sports Safety Paddings

Mattresses, safety paddings are commonly used to ensure safety in gymnastics and during training for new skills. They are usually a piece of foam with various thicknesses, covered with a PVC lining.


The Mattresses (Gymnastic Mats) produced by Ker Seng Heng commonly use the material, Nylon PVC 420D/ Nylon PVC 1000D, as the lining of the Mats. Moreover, gymnastic mats can come in various shapes and sizes. Over here at Ker Seng Heng, we are very experienced in customising different shapes and sizes to fulfil the needs of our clients. If this is something you are looking for, feel free to request for a quote from us today!


PVC 420D
PVC 1000D

Product Information

Basketball Pole Padding

(Each set consist of 2 pcs)


Volleyball Pole Padding

(Each set consist of 2 pcs)


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