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TC Black Canvas / Backdrop Canvas

TC Black Canvas / Backdrop Canvas

TC Black Canvas, Stage Canvas, Backdrop Canvas, Concert Hall Canvas, Booth Covers, Light Cover, Custom Made to order, Cart Covers, Audio/ Filming Equipment Covers

TC Black Canvas, or Backdrop Black Canvas, is a lightweight material that is convenient for use at all types of events. For instance, a backdrop, curtains for concert halls, and covers for shooting equipment and lights. A non-woven web surface enhances light absorption and reduces reflection, a feature that is remarkably convenient during photoshoots, concerts, and events.

We offer TC Black canvas made of high-quality cotton and polyester at Ker Seng Heng. You can buy them in rolls to wrap your backdrop or stage. Furthermore, we can also customise the size according to your needs. Grommets are embedded along the side corners (approximately 3 ft apart) as attachment points for ropes.

In the event that the available sizes/products do not meet your requirements, you may also provide a drawing for a quote.

The different specifications of the material lead to different applications. At Ker Seng Heng, we take time to understand your needs and match you with appropriate materials.

Feel free to contact us by Email or WhatsApp to enquire. A picture of the material would be extremely helpful for us to understand better!