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Flexible Connector

Flexible Connector

Often referred to as PVC, nylon or duct fabric, flexible connectors are used to wrap industrial air conditioner ducting (ACMV). It is used to join two unlevelled pipes.

For flexible connectors, Ker Seng Heng offers two types of materials: PVC 210D and PVC 420D. PVC 210D Black (FR) & PVC 1000D Black (FR) is a fire-retardant material that has passed the flammability test of the NFPA701 Test Method 1.

We offer pre-cut sizes (6"" x 50m) of PVC 1000D (Thickness: 0.58mm, FR - NFPA701) Black.

If the quantity is large and the ready-made size doesn't fit your needs, we are able to cut the selected material to the size you need.

You are a commercial pipe contractor looking for someone who can supply PVC connectors? Feel free to fill out the form to request a quote if you're looking for this product. Otherwise, if you have any questions, we'd be happy to hear from you via email or WhatsApp.

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